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From:René Müller Date:September 15 2004 4:39pm
Subject:Error in type_info1.hh
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When I want to compile my program I get this message:

In file included from /usr/include/mysql++/coldata1.hh:8,
                 from /usr/include/mysql++/sqlplus.hh:12,
                 from bauen.h:10,
                 from bauen.cpp:1:
/usr/include/mysql++/type_info1.hh: In constructor `
/usr/include/mysql++/type_info1.hh:29: error: uninitialized member '
   mysql_ti_sql_type_info::_base_type' with 'const' type 'const unsigned
/usr/include/mysql++/type_info1.hh:29: error: uninitialized member '
   mysql_ti_sql_type_info::_default' with 'const' type 'const bool'

I use the following command:

g++ -o bauen -I/usr/include/mysql++ -I/usr/include/mysql -llibmysqlpp
-lpthread bauen.cpp

Alternative I tried to replace -llibmysqlpp with -lsqlplus and
-lmysqlclient, but I got the same error.

Has anybody a idea, what I can do? The error is not in my file, but in a
mysql++ file.


Error in type_info1.hhRené Müller15 Sep
Re: Error in type_info1.hhWarren Young15 Sep