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From:Thomas Werth Date:September 13 2004 7:28am
Subject:Re: Visual Studio .NET (7.1.3088) and mysql++ 1.7.15
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wouldn't it be enough to build mysqll++ with multithreaded support ?
That was the way for vs 6 and old mysql++.
I don't know where to set this option in vs net, but that should work.

Daniel schrieb:

>>>Mysql++ and the examples compiled and are working like expected, but when I
>>>try to create my own project the linking doesn't work correctly.
>>This is usually a symptom of linking with a different C runtime 
>>library than was used to build the MySQL and MySQL++ libraries.  
>>Study the Code Generation settings in the example projects, and 
>>match them in your own project.
>>If it works, I'd appreciate a report back with details I can drop 
>>into the file that comes with the package.
> I am building an application with the fltk toolkit and a mysql database. It is
> compiled with runtime library 'multithreaded debug dll', which you surely know
> mysql++ is not. I believe this is the problem. The code generation settings in
> my project are:
> Enable string pooling: no
> Enable minimal build: Yes
> Enable C++ Exceptions: Yes
> Smaller Type Check: No
> Basic Runtime Checks: Both
> Runtime Library: Multithreaded Debug DLL
> Struct Member Alignment: Default
> Buffer Security Check: No
> Enable Function-Level Linking: No
> Enable Enhanced Instruction Set: Not Set
> The FLTK faq says fltk really should be generated using Multithreaded DLL, and
> I would like to follow their recommendation. (A brief explanation 'in simple
> words' of the difference between the runtime libraries would be appreciated).
> Thank you in advance,
> Daniel Polski

Thomas Werth

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