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From:Warren Young Date:August 24 2004 2:20pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.13
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Bryan W. Headley wrote:
> Isn't VC++ a major reason why we hold back on putting 
> wholesale changes in, 

No, it's because I don't want to break the API too badly for existing 
users.  Indeed, if the strstream -> stringstream change breaks the API, 
I may consider holding off on it, or at least making it optional.

I believe MySQL++ should be stable at this point in its life, not 
changing out from under people constantly.  There are times where the 
API must be broken, like with the MysqlRow::operator[] overload.  That's 
not a license to break it any time it feels nice, though.

> because they never update their STL?

That was only a problem with VC++6.  They got the Standard C++ religion 
the release after that.

Anyway, stringstream is in VC++7 a.k.a. Visual Studio .NET a.k.a. Visual 
Studio 2002.  That's the earliest release I have any hope of MySQL++ 
building on, so it doesn't matter what happened with VC++6.

> template <class Manip> class stock_cus_value_list

That's odd... that class isn't used internally by the library, and it 
isn't used in any of the examples.  I wonder how many other hidden 
features this thing has?

> stock_cus_value_list (const stock *o, cchar *d, Manip m ,vector<bool>)
> : obj(o), include(*i*), del_vector(false), delem(d), manip(m)

I assume include should be assigned the vector<bool> argument, from 
studying the rest of the code.  It's hard to guess since there's no code 
in the library that actually uses the class...

This also explains why we're seeing the error only now.  Older g++ 
versions tended to ignore bogus code in templates if the template was 
never instantiated.  g++ validates more things now, even when they're 
not used.
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