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From:Warren Young Date:August 20 2004 10:02pm
Subject:Re: Build 1.7.12 mysql++ with Borland 6.0
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Totte Karlsson wrote:

> There is a .zip file at

Thank you for your efforts.  I managed to boil all of your changes down 
to simply #including <winsock.h> conditionally where necessary and 
removing those bogus Windows32 header includes.  And, of course, the 
addition of the BCB project files.

I didn't agree with several of the changes you made in your version. 
Would you please download the following IN-DEVELOPMENT version of the 
library and fix up any missing bits?

In particular, you'll notice these changes from the version you've made 
available on your site:

- One of the files #included windows.h.  I don't believe that to be 
absolutely necessary.  At most, you should conditionally include 
winsock.h as you did in so many of the other modules.  Furthermore, I 
think the module you had this fix in was the wrong place; it goes in one 
of the .hh files, not the .cc file you had it in.  (, I 
believe.)  Please try this fix again, keeping these guidelines in mind.

- One of the project files was named very generically: ProjectGroup1 or 
something like that.  I renamed it to mysqlpp.bp? to match the others. 
You may need to fix up some things to make it build again.

- Your ZIP file contains directory structure and code formatting 
changes.  Please don't do this.  Keep the change set to that which is 
absolutely necessary to make the program build.  When I have to 
disentangle your style changes from the subtantive ones, it slows me 
down.  If you want to talk about style changes, let's argue about that 

> Any Borland user has to define macros (under IDE user variables) for the
> "main" sql installation directory, e.g. MySQL = c:\mysql
> and also change where the .lib file is being created.

Can you be more explicit?  I need something detailed that I can put in 
the project README file.  Since I don't have BCB, I can't infer details.
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