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From:Boyd Lynn Gerber Date:August 19 2004 9:42pm
Subject:Re: mysql++ on sourceforge
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On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Warren Young wrote:
> > What about using a collaborative tool like sourceforge
> > ( or other open source sites to boost the
> > development of mysql++?
> It might look like I'm trying to take this project away from MySQL, 
> Inc., but to the extent possible, I'd like to keep working within the 
> development framework they provide.  I would be happier putting MySQL++ 
> into MySQL, Inc.'s CVS server, for instance, than setting up CVS through 
> some other entity.  I want MySQL++ to appear on their web pages.  I want 
> to keep using this mailing list.

MySQL AB/MySQL Inc use bitkeeper rather than CVS  See

and the bitkeeper hosted mysql projects are on

Here is the instructions on adding a project.

Creating a project To create a project account you will:

    * Log into the bkbits server via ssh
    * Choose a project name
    * Supply your ssh public key (cut and paste from ~/.ssh/ 

Log in to the bkbits server:

	ssh hostme@stripped
password: hostme

Supply a project name and your ssh public key[1] at the prompts:

	Project name: project
ssh key: public_ssh_key

After supplying the project name and ssh public key, your account will be 

To view your project page, visit

To populate and manage your project you must log in as the admin user. For 
more information see the "Logging In" and "Managing your project" 

[1] At this time, support is for SSH protocol version 1. See man 
ssh-keygen for more information about creating keys for use with SSH 
protocol version 1. 

Boyd Gerber <gerberb@stripped>
ZENEZ	1042 East Fort Union #135, Midvale Utah  84047
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