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From:Warren Young Date:August 19 2004 8:54pm
Subject:Re: mysql++ on sourceforge
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Paolo Brandoli wrote:

> What about using a collaborative tool like sourceforge
> ( or other open source sites to boost the
> development of mysql++?

It might look like I'm trying to take this project away from MySQL, 
Inc., but to the extent possible, I'd like to keep working within the 
development framework they provide.  I would be happier putting MySQL++ 
into MySQL, Inc.'s CVS server, for instance, than setting up CVS through 
some other entity.  I want MySQL++ to appear on their web pages.  I want 
to keep using this mailing list.

Moving MySQL++ to SourceForge would effectively make it a third-party 
project.  That's not where I want to take MySQL++.
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