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From:Warren Young Date:August 19 2004 8:31pm
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.12
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Okay, I went a whole day without releasing a new version.  :)  Changes:

     o Many Standard C++ fixes, most from the GCC 3.4 patch by
       Rune Kleveland.

     o Added Wishlist file to distribution.

     o Fixed a problem in tne bootstrap script that caused complaints
       from the autotools on some systems.

     o RPM building is working properly now.

     o Fixed the indempotency guard in datetime1.hh.

Regarding the wishlist, everyone is invited to look at it and start 
attacking the problems mentioned there.  Some of the fixes will require 
some extensive updates, though, so if you decide to tackle one of them, 
please email me first to coordinate the change.  The big ones are the 
stringstream, cascading header files from hell, and defines_short.hh 
elimination items.

As always, the new version is here:
RELEASE: v1.7.12Warren Young19 Aug
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