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From:Yigong Liu Date:August 19 2004 5:18pm
Subject:FW: RELEASE: 1.7.11
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Warren has created the latest version of mysql++ including the patches for gcc3.3. He even
has built a RH9 RPM. Check out his website:

Good luck!


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From: Warren Young [mailto:mysqlpp@stripped] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 6:36 PM
To: MySQL++ Mailing List
Subject: RELEASE: 1.7.11

Talk about "release early, release often"!  :)

     o Renamed mysql++, defs and define_short files, adding .hh to the
       end of each.  (They're header files!)  This shouldn't impact
       library users, since these are hopefully used internal to the
       library only.

     o Removed sqlplus.hh file.  Use mysql++.hh instead.
     o Added mysql++.spec, extracted from contributed 1.7.9 source RPM,
       and updated it significantly.  Also, added an 'rpm' target to to automate the process of building RPMs.

     o Added bootstrap and LGPL files to distribution tarball.

     o Added pre-1.7.10 history to this file.

     o Removed .version file.  Apparently it's something required by old
       versions of libtool.

I've also added a binary RPM for RH9 to the web page.

I may not continue offering these RPMs, as they're rather large, and 
it's not hard to make your own: just say 'make rpm' as root.

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