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From:Warren Young Date:August 17 2004 6:29pm
Subject:Re: enum type
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Gianni Pucciani wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how this type in converted in c++ and wich type I
> have to use if I want to test such a field?

 From reading the MySQL docs, it appears that if you don't do anything 
special, it gets treated as a string type.

However, if you execute a custom query, you can force it to send you the 
integer value behind the enum:

	SELECT enum_column+0 from my_table;

Then you could declare a parallel C enum, and do comparisons against 
those values.  You would treat the column as an integer in this case. 
When you insert an integer into an enum column, MySQL does the right 
thing, and C++ can treat enums as integers as well.

> I've tried with the followng:
> ...
> if (row[o] == "value1") do something...
> ...

Assuming that row[o] is returning type std::string, operator == isn't 
going to do what you want.  Read the manual on this.  What you want is 
the compare() member function.
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