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From:Warren Young Date:August 17 2004 6:21pm
Subject:Re: RELEASE: v1.7.10
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Brandmeyer, Jo Ellen wrote:
> We use the Microsoft Visual C++ 6 compiler for our code development. 

As I understand it, the problem is that MySQL++ currently uses too many 
Standard C++ features to build with VC++6.  I can only fix the problem 
by removing library features.  I'm not willing to do that for a 
6-year-old development environment that's known to have very weak 
Standard C++ support.

If you insist on staying so far back in the dark ages, I suggest that 
you move to the C API.  That will work with any old compiler.

Alternately, the current version of the bare C++ compiler and libraries 
are available for free download from Microsoft's web site.  You won't 
get the IDE, but Real Programmers don't need IDEs anyway, right?

On that note, if somone can tell me whether the 2003 or 2004 versions of 
the compiler will build MySQL++ or not, I'd like to know.  If not, I 
would consider patches to fix any problems.
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