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From:Warreh Young Date:August 17 2004 3:03am
Subject:RELEASE: v1.7.10
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It's been over a week since I posted my gripe about the current state of 
maintainership for this project, and no word yet from Sinisa. 
Apparently it's mine.

So, I've made my first version, 1.7.10.  Nothing major here, just fixing 
up my biggest problems with 1.7.9:

         o Applied my omnibus GCC 3.3 patch.  See
  for details.

         o Got autoconf/automake build system working with current
           versions of those tools again.  Removed the generated
           autotools files from CVS.

         o Renamed library file from libsqlplus to libmysqlpp.

I also updated the README file appropriately.

What's in the future for MySQL++?  You'll notice that I didn't call this 
v1.8.0.  I won't do that until there are major features added, or 
something like that.

Sinisa, you said you had big plans for the next release.  Can you send 
me patches of what you indended to add to 1.7.9?  Or, at least describe 
the ideas?  Also, can I use MySQL's CVS server, or will I need to find 
my own CVS space if people demand anonymous CVS downloads?

I intend to revive RPM building at some point in the near future.

Also, I understand that there are some partial patches out there for 
Borland and Intel compiler support.  Anyone who is interested in having 
these folded into the main distribution, please email them to me. 
Notice the new email address.  Please don't use the 'warren' address for 
MySQL++ messages.
RELEASE: v1.7.10Warreh Young17 Aug
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