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From:Octavio Rojas Date:August 29 2000 5:43pm
Subject:Getting Started
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I am starting to use MySql++ in a UNIX system.

I have tried to run the program, with no success.

After changing the connection commands in tandem with the one that appears 
of (this due to the error messages I received in terms of the 
existent connection "overloaded" options that were within the library)I got 
to be able to compile and link the program properly. Nevertheless, I receive 
an ABORT message when running it.

One thing that I have not found yet is the reset-db file.

Could it be that the program is not runing because of the fact that I have 
not run the reset-db? If so, In which folder should the reset-db file be 
located? (This question is because of the fact that I did not download or 
installed the system in the computer). If not, Where could the problem be?

Thanks in advance.


Octavio Rojas-Mujica
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Getting StartedOctavio Rojas29 Aug