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From:Alassane Ndiaye Date:August 2 2000 8:46am
Subject:local datadir, many mysqld
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Dear Netters,

I try to use MySQL and the C++-API to log all outputs our system produces. 
(The modules exchange structured data that has to be kept.) This is certainly 
not the intended use of databases (persistency) but this would be nice because 
of the good retrieving possibilities. However, I encountered some problems and 
maybe someone has a solution:

a) How can I ensure that every user running the systems has his logs at a 
specific place, e.g. in his own home directory. (Everey user has his own 
database.) Actually, it doesn't matter if the older entries/tables are 
dropped. I know of the option "datadir" but it seems not match my purpose as 
the corresponding directory has to be set when building the database and not 
at execution time.

b) As I can't assume that there is a server running at each site, every user 
should start his own mysqld for the time his's using the system. Are they 
problems e.g. with the port number in /tmp/mysql.sock ?

Thanxs -- Alassane

local datadir, many mysqldAlassane Ndiaye2 Aug