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From:Todd Finney Date:December 14 2000 3:29am
Subject:Re: Dedicated MySQL Server
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At 08:54 AM 12/11/00, Jay@stripped wrote:
> > "Issam W. Alameh" wrote:
> >
> > > I am thinking of celeron 600 with 512MB ram, what 
> such
> > > machine can serve and what is the best way to 
> configure
> > > and start the database server..
> >
> > Funny idea, to use a *Celeron* with that much RAM. :-)
>I would disagree a bit here. I have actually found 
>Celerons to be quite
>useful processors and offer tremendous price to 
>performance compared to PII
>and PIII's. Under typical server situations I belive you'd 
>get better
>performance with a PII/I as well you have the possibility 
>to have multiple

Some Celerons are (were?) at least dual CPU capable, 
although I'm not an authority on Intel specs.  Of course, 
if you have the traffic to warrant a 4x (or more) box, then 
you probably have the money to purchase the 4x box.

We have a dual Celeron 500A box that we put together a 
while back, 512mb ram and a couple of fast disks, and it 
works like a champ.

If you're looking to save money on a server, getting a 
Celeron instead of a Pentium can be a good idea.  It's 
certainly a better idea than cutting back on RAM or buying 
slow disks.

Just my $.02.


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