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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:June 9 1999 12:57pm
Subject:Announce: Msql-Mysql-modules 1.2200 and 1.2018
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I'd like to announce releases 1.2200 and 1.2018 of the Msql-Mysql-modules.

Release 1.2018 is the (hopefully last) of the previously stable 1.20xx
series. You should use this package in particular, if you are interested
in upwards compatibility. The main modification in 1.2018 is that it works
The main difference to 1.2017 is that you can build an RPM version of this
package quite easily with the "" script. This version will be
supported and maintained for bug and portability fixes only in the future
and support may be silently dropped at any time. (As is the case with

The 1.2200 series (formerly 1.21_xx) ought to work well with the latest
DBI features ($dbh->type_info, $dbh->tables, ...). Additionally a lot of
minor features have been declared obsolete or deprecated. Deprecated
features issue a warning unless you set

	$DBD::mysql::QUIET = 1;
or	$DBD::mSQL::QUIET = 1;

at the beginning of your script. Deprecated features will be silently
removed in 1.23_xx and 1.24, whenever that will be. Obsolete features
will be deprecated at the same time.

For Linux users I recommend installing these packages via,
a README is attached. The modules and the script are
available at any CPAN mirror, in particular

Good luck with the new software, ;-)


Jochen Wiedmann						joe@stripped
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into theorems. (Hi, Lukas! :-)

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