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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:May 21 2000 3:38pm
Subject:Re: Inserting BLOBs via multiple statements
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Max Campos wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>         I'm trying to find a way to insert information into a BLOB without
> using that function that reads in a file from the server (LOADFILE is
> it?). Some of the things i'll be inserting are larger than the maximum
> message size, so doing the whole thing via a single SQL statement isn't
> possible.
> Originally, I tried something like this:
> insert into test (prikey, myblob) values (1, "first piece here....");
> update test set myblob = CONCAT(myblob, "second piece here....") where
> prikey=1;
> ...but I quickly found that CONCAT seemingly doesn't handle blobs *at
> all*.
> Any ideas on how to do this??

The recommended way of inserting blobs is using the placeholders:

	INSERT INTO foo VALUES (a, b, ?)

See "perldoc DBI" and the method bind_param for details.

However, that´s not supported from the MySQL C client, so it might
fail anyways.



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