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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:April 26 2000 9:14pm
Subject:Re: Multithreading on DBD::mSQL
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Roman Melihhov wrote:
> How does mSQL server and binary libraries act on Perl modules. I'm running
> into problems on a busy system (e.g. receiving 4-7 queries a second) from
> Perl scripts DBI v1.13 DBD-mSQL 1.20 I'm flushing statement buffers once
> they're not needed but once in a short while getting Server 500 error and
> 'expected for 1 row, received 42 rows' in error log.
> Seems like one Perl script is getting data requested by other script with
> different database and statement handle names. Is there any way to make
> scripts thread safe with mSQL Perl implementations. Ideas appreciated. See
> script in action at

I have no idea about the underlying C library (libmsql.a), but the
Perl module is using handle data *only*. In other words, if the C
library is thread safe, then the Perl driver is as well.


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