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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:April 25 2000 8:05am
Subject:Re: DBD::mysql install error perplexing! Further information
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Gary Kuipers wrote:
> In mysql manual 4.15.4 Option Files:
> my_example.cnf should be coverted to my.cnf and placed in /etc for global
> parameters for mysql.
> I did this. mysql --print-defaults remained unchanged, stating that socket
> is /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. It is srwxrwxrwx and owner and group mysql.
> The problem does not appear to be with the mysql instalation. I can run that
> fine from the command line, whether on the server or through telnet. The
> problem only appears when I run make test (or CPAN does). No matter what,
> the make test INSISTS on /tmp/mysql.sock. I grepped all files in the local
> install area for mysql.sock and got nothing that seemed hardcoded in the
> area. I then looked in /usr/lib/perl5 hoping to find a configuration file or
> something hard coded there. No luck.

If make test INSISTS on /tmp/mysql.sock, then your C client libraries
are different from your C client. Perhapsone from a Linux distribution,
another one from precompiled binaries or whatever else.

It is *highly* recommended, that you compile your own MySQL and
anything else.


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