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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:January 29 2000 10:44am
Subject:Re: remote access
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Ahmed K Bayyari wrote:
> Hi all, i'm trying to write a client/server
> application  in which the clinet sends some
> information to the server, and then the server returns
> more info after processing the clinet's request.
> The server has mysql installed with JDBC and also the
> DBD/DBI modules and is running on a solaris platform.
> I was thinking about writing a socket to handle the
> communications between the clinet and the server, or
> use RMI methods to handle the communications. What
> would you guys recommend? Plus, would it be better
> (and easier :) ) to implement it using java, or is it
> easier in perl?
> I would greatly appreciate your help if you can send
> me the addresses of some good websites about this
> topic, and any sample code would be extremely helpful
> since i never wrote a socket or RMI program before :)

Have a look at the modules RPC::PlServer/PlClient and
DBI::ProxyServer and DBD::Proxy. The former are a
separate package called PlRPC, the latter are part of the

Most probably this will enable you a 100% Perl solution.



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