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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:January 13 2000 6:10pm
Subject:Re: "server has gone away" error message
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Nancy Lin wrote:
> That's my question.  The only thing I know for a fact is that when the
> total number of connections to msql drops, the error occurs.  But I don't
> know why/how it's dropped.  After thinking it some more last night, I'm
> guessing it's msql that's dropping the connection.  But I'm not sure and I
> don't know how to find out why it's doing that.    According to the mSQL
> manual, the specific error message (mSQL Server has gone away) shows up
> when:
> "While the API library was communicating with an mSQL server process, the
> server processc closed the client/server connection.  This can be caused
> by the server process being terminated, the machine on which the server is
> running being rebooted, or a network failure if the server is on a remote
> machine".

Sorry, but it seems I can't be of help.

My personal guess is that the problem is with the mSQL engine, as I
don't know of any socket related problems of either Perl or the
Msql-Mysql-modules and the comparable problem with mysql is an
engine problem as well.

Question is what to do. IMO you could try to switch to MySQL, where
the driver has an included workaround for this kind of error message.



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