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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:January 11 2000 8:23pm
Subject:Re: on Apache/mod_perl/perl win98
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dave_dunstan wrote:

> Do I really have to compile my own to get this to work? I don't
> have VC++! I guess I could get it ...

The DBD::mysql driver (like most other database drivers) consists of
two parts: A Perl part and a C part.

If you aren't using ActivePerl (which isn't working with mod_perl,
you either need a precompiled binary of DBD::mysql or you must compile
your own - and hence you need a C compiler. (The DBD::mysql docs tell
what to do.) The C compiler must be the same that was used for compiling
Perl. VC++ is not a must: You can compile Perl with egcs. The
of the Perl source distribution contains more details.

A precompiled binary of Perl 5.00502, including DBD::mysql, is
available at



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