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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:December 30 1999 1:01pm
Subject:Re: problem installing Msql-Mysql-module
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Lior Nisim wrote:

> ld: 0711-715 ERROR: File
> /afs/ ... /libmysqlclient.a cannot be processed.
> The file must be an object file, an import file, or an archive.

It seems your loader doesn't accept this archive. This may have
a number of reasons:

  - ranlib wasn't done; try

	ranlib /afs/ ... /libmysqlclient.a

    (note I have shortened the original path, you have to add
    a lot to the path)

  - the file was created for another architecture than your
    Perl; this is quite reasonable in an AFS environment

  - the file is corrupt, for whatever reason

In either case, I suggest you contact someone with a little
knowledge about C development under AIX (your support hotline,
for example :-), I am sure he or she will be able to help



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