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From:artlore Date:May 4 1999 4:13pm
Subject:Re: php versus perl for coupling to apache/intranet
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Perl does offer a more robust and perhaps a better long term solution.

Go to for details on the mod_perl API.

And, of course there is the excellent Perl DBI  and DBD module combination.

You should have started with the superb website first!

Good luck,


By they way, PHP would be fine for your intranet should you make that choice. Just make
it an informed choice.

Hof, Gert van 't wrote:

> Hello
> Is there anybody with exerience about the coupling of MYSQL to the INTRANET
> by
> means of PHP or PERL?
> I have plans to couple a mysql-database to an intranet page.  The intranet
> runs under
> apache.
> It seems that mysql and apache offer two ways to do this
> 1. by means of php.  I have found various sites where mysql-php coupling is
> discussed so
> this seems to be a frequently used approach.
> 2. by means of perl scripts.  In the readme's of Apache i read that apache
> offers direct
> coupling with perl-scripts instead of CGI-type of coupling.  With
> perl-scripts it is very
> easy to approach the mysql database.  To me this seems the way to go, but i
> have not
> found any reference sites.
> Can anybode advise me on the pros and cons or refer me to relevant
> literature/sites?
> Thanks in advace
> Regards
> Gert van 't Hof
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