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From:Phil Smith Date:July 19 2013 10:26pm
Subject:Apache::Session::MySQL - connection closing
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Does anyone know if a call to untie on a tied hash
to Apache::Session::MySQL will close the database connection? I'm thinking
it should, but if I do something like the following in a loop, after about
10,000 iterations, my database becomes unresponsive and the calls to tie in
the loop fail with a can't connect to db error. I have to think the reason
being that there are no further connections available. I understand I can
also pass an already open $dbh which I have more control over and would be
more efficient for this example, but I am wondering about the untie and
closing db handles for other purposes.

This seems pretty basic and if the database handles are being closed by
untie then my database should remain normal and responsive through the
looping, but it is not.

code snippet:

   for ($i=0; $i<@session_id_array; $i++)
      %session_hash = ();
      $session_id = $session_id_array[$i];
         tie %session_hash, 'Apache::Session::MySQL', $session_id,
            DataSource => $data_source,
            UserName   => 'user',
            Password   => 'password',
            LockDataSource => $data_source,
            LockUserName   => 'user',
            LockPassword   => 'password',
            TableName  => 'session_table'
      if ($@)
         # After about 10,000 loop iterations, the tie fails with db
connection error
         print("Session retrieval failed: $@\n");
          print("Retrieval OK.\n");

Apache::Session::MySQL - connection closingPhil Smith19 Jul