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From:Marc Lehmann Date:February 29 2012 10:28am
Subject:Re: AW: bind parameter guessing corrupts results
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On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 10:20:34PM +0100, "Selke, Gisbert W."
<Gisbert.Selke@stripped> wrote:
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> > It would be great if this were actually implemented, but the current code
> > is data-dependent and quotes some numbers but not others.
> Same, btw, for Gisle Aas's data::Dump -- it quotes some numbers but not others
> (unless you use quote(), in which case it consistently quotes all numbers).
> That's the price you pay for dwimmyness: sometimes it bites you. Especially when you
> least expect it.

Well, the solution I outlined has the advantage of being dwim but at
the same time doesn't suffer from arbitraryness - that is, there is a
consistent way of marking numbers as numbers, even with perl.

So your argument is wrong - the problem is not dwim here.

The problem is the arbitraryness - even if perl thinks something is a
number and doesn't even have alternatives, dbd::mysql would still quote it
if it becomes too big, and this behaviour isn't even clearly documented.

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