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From:Gisbert W. Selke Date:December 17 2009 3:36pm
Subject:AW: problems loading DBD::MySQL
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Hi Keith --

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> Von: Keith Thomas [mailto:kttradesltd@stripped] 
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009 21:47
 my only question now is that when I go to the ppm repository 
> and look, it does not list DBD::mysql, but if I go to the 
> \Perl\site\lib\DBD\mysql I find a pod and pm file. Am I ok then?
It's an old and unresolved issue that ppm will not pick up any manual installations. ppm
is all very nice and handy where it works, but sometimes it doesn't, and you have to
resort to other means (like you did). Then ppm will not know about this, but perl itself
will: Try 
perl -MDBD::mysql -e "print $DBD::mysql::VERSION" 
The next glitch will come up when next time you will be using ppm in order to upgrade
DBD::mysql (supposing you resolve the firewall problem). I guess one could write a "repair
script" for the ppm database to update it about all the manual changes (probably someone
already has one this -- I haven't been concerned enough myself).

If you're really concerned about it, there is still one way out:
* make your DBD::mysql as described by you, but do not install
* make ppm
* Take the resulting ppm/ppd files and drop them into some directory that will serve as
your local ppm repository
* direct ppm (the programme) to your local repository instead of one of those on the
* install

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