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From:Gisbert W. Selke Date:November 16 2009 8:32pm
Subject:AW: select fails to find updates of from other connections
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Hi Bob --

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> Von: Bob McGowan [mailto:bob_mcgowan@stripped] 
> Gesendet: Samstag, 14. November 2009 01:04
> I'm having trouble with retrieving data from mySQL, where the 
> update or create was done by another application connection 
> and happened while my Perl DBI/DBD connection was active.
> If I disconnect/reconnect to the server, I can see the changes.
> Is this expected behavior?  Or is there some parameter that 
> I'm missing?  Neither the standard 'mysql' client nor the 
> Bugzilla GUI seem to have this problem.
I'm not sure whether this answers your question, since you just said you have trouble (but
not, which trouble): have you tried to fiddle with the connection parameter
mysql_use_result (as per the DBD::mysql docs)? If set to false (the default), the result
set for some select that you do may just be buffered locally. 
Alternatively, are you connecting to a transactional table, and may the transaction still
be in progress? Are you doing your select in a loop for contunuous updating, or how do you
control whether the external table update is somewhere between your selects? Given the
current lot of information, it is hard to tell.

select fails to find updates of from other connectionsBob McGowan14 Nov
AW: select fails to find updates of from other connectionsGisbert W. Selke16 Nov