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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 1999 5:43pm
Subject:clustering indexes available in mysql?
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>>>>> "barryandmira" == barryandmira  <barryandmira@stripped>
> writes:

barryandmira> Hi All

barryandmira> Does MySQL have a clustering index option?

barryandmira> By this I mean an index which is defined such that
barryandmira> the data being loaded will be physically loaded in that
barryandmira> sequence.

barryandmira> I know some relational DB's have this feature and it
barryandmira> would be very handy to have it in MySQL

barryandmira> Thank you all so much

barryandmira>     Barry


For the moment MySQL doesn't have clustering index.

Yes, for some cases a clustering index is very nice, but it can also
give you a lot of unexpected problems when you try to insert new rows.
(As this will be VERY slow)

For the moment we plan to instead support:

OPTIMIZE TABLE table_name ORDER BY column-list

This will order that table based on the column-list.  The result will
be as if you had a clustered index on column-list.  This solution is
more general than a clustered index as column-list doesn't have to be
an index and you can do the above command only 'when needed'.

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