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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:November 12 1999 10:32am
Subject:Re: Weird DBD::mysql Problem
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Noah Silverman wrote:

> I have several clients (10) that all work inserting data into the
> same database simultaneously (many different files).  Everything
> seems to go along fine for the first several thousand inserts.  At
> some point the code just hangs.

Could you please be so kind and try to create an example script that
reproduces the problem? Additionally I´d need the table structure
you are using and sample data.

> This leads me to believe
> that there is some kind of weird deadlocking issue where all the
> clients somehow get themselves stuck until a new one comes along and
> releases everything.

The Perl part of DBD::mysql does no locking at all, unless you

> I don't like the fact that I have to prepare the statement every
> time, but I don't know of  a way to use a place holder for the table
> name.

DBD:: mysql supports using placeholders for the table name very well.
(Placeholders are a simple text replacement.) However, you'd better
not use this feature: Monty has announced that he will support place-
holders at the C level in the future and things might change.



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