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From:Dave Howorth Date:August 7 2006 8:04am
Subject:Re: install DBD::mysql, can't execute mysql_config
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zhihua li wrote:
> recently i've been trying to install DBD::mysql. as the first step, i 
> downloaded the binary file of mysql for linux from  i 
> followed the instructions unpacking the files into a directory 
> /usr/mysql.

Most distributions have prepackaged modules for one or more versions of 
mysql. You may find it more convenient to use those.

> then i proceeded to install DBD::mysql.  however, the 
> makefile kept saying that it couldn't find mysql_config. actually i 
> found the file at /usr/mysql/bin, and added the full path to the PATH 
> enviroment parameter. but still the make file process alwayse failed, 
> saying it couldn't find and execute mysql_config.  what's more, when i 
> went to the directory /usr/mysql/bin and typed mysql_config, the shell 
> said there's no such command, even if the file is right there.

I think you need to go back to basics to figure out why the script isn't 
being found. Which user are you running as? Which user is the installer 
running as? What are the permissions on /usr/mysql/bin and 
/usr/mysql/bin/mysql_config?  At the point where you try to run the 
script, print the contents of $PATH. Does it actually have usr/mysql/bin 
in it? Does it actually have '.' in it? Once you have all that 
information, you can figure out why the script isn't being found.

Cheers, Dave
install DBD::mysql, can't execute mysql_configzhihua li4 Aug
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