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From:Joe Junkin Date:April 19 1999 6:17pm
Subject:Setting up dbi acces to remote db
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Hi, Up until this I have been using Apache/Perl/DBI/MySQL/DBD to access a
database that is local. Works fine. Now I want to break them up so that the
database engine and the web server each run on their own dedicated machine to
increase the load capabilities.

So I will be running a perl cgi app through apache that accesses a database on
another machine via the TCP/IP port.

So after I installed DBI on the webserver, I tried to install the MySQL DBD
within Msql-Mysql-modules but install fails right at the initial perl

The Makefile.PL routine is sniffing for the mysql installation and looks in
/usr/local. But the database is remote on another machine.

My platform is RH5.2 with K 2.2.6. I have tried installing the client RPM even
though I don't know if I need it. Yet the install still fails. How do I get the
MySQL:DBD installed without having the server local?


Joseph R. Junkin			Datafree Corporation
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