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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:September 27 1999 4:08pm
Subject:Re: Using MySQL and PHP to store files
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"SAVARD, Marc" wrote:

> I am trying to build a database in which I would like to store binary files.
> I know I have to use BLOB fields but am facing problems with the insert
> method.
> The problem is I have to handle characters like ", ' or \ that "disturb"
> PHP.
> One method would be to base64_encode the files before storing them in my
> BLOB fields.
> The trouble is this would expand the file by 33%.
> Isn't the a way like opening a sort of pipe directly to the record I am
> creating/updating to drop the file in it ?
> I know this is quiet a common problem; I guess many many many people have
> faced this problem but can't find any answer anywhere... please help me not
> using base64...

Funny thing, you are asking this on a Perl related mailing list ... :-)

With DBI, you had two options:

  - Use $dbh->quote() for quoting a string, then feed it into MySQL.
  - Use placeholders, as in INSERT INTO foo VALUES (?, ?, ...)

I have tried hard to get the same thing working with PHP, my personal
opinion is that PHP isn't working well with NUL (binary 0) characters.
I may be wrong here, though. Reprogramming $dbh->quote() in C and
create a PHP function mysql_quote() should be quite easy, but I have
no idea how to represent a string with NUL's in PHP.

I suggest you better use HTML::EP, HTML::EmbPerl, HTML::Mason,
or something similar.


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