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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:March 8 2004 9:45am
Subject:Re: Problems installing DBI::mysql
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Le Roux wrote:

> I'm trying to install Request Tracker which makes use of a few perl modules including
> the DBI::mysql module. I am trying to install it manually since I have also been unable to
> install it using CPAN.When I run the Perl Makefile.PL command I can see that the
> mysql_config command is working (after adding it to the path) since it displays the 
> --cflags and --libs directories where it should.The testdb and all the rest are all set to
> default.
> After this I get a line saying :
> Unsuccessful stat on filename containing newline at
> /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/ExtUtils/Liblist/ line 97.
> This line is repeated a few times and then a messag saying : Multiple copies of
> Driver.xst found...
> It then writes the makefile, but when I run make test it exists with the missing
> seperator. Stop. error
> Can anybody shed some light on the subject, I'm very frustrated since I don't know
> where to start looking...

Try a google search on "ExtUtils Liblist Kid DBD mysql". I'd bet it is the 
problem with Red Hat and UTF characters, which vanishes if you do an

	export LANGUAGE=C


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