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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:January 16 2004 9:28am
Subject:Re: LIMIT ?,? statement
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Walery Studennikov wrote:

> And what?
> It is very convenient and practical for many developers.
> If I _wish_ to use it for my convenience and if I don't want
> to port my programs to other DBMS, why somebody forbids to use
> those useful features for me?

And if I as the drivers developer _wish_ to use to be as portable as 
possible to other drivers, what forbids me to remove such a feature? :-)

Sorry, but my argument was simply that I consider upwards portability in 
that point as less important. That's my view and you have a different. Fine 
for me. It is simply that my opinion counts as well as yours.

> IMHO supporting placeholders on the server side should be optional
> there should be an option for developers to turn it ON and OFF.
> If "questionable features" is more important for me,
> I should be able to turn server side placeholders OFF and
> use those "questionable features".

Volunteer for a patch? :-)


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