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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:September 23 2003 5:42am
Subject:Re: Msql Question
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Tim Dellinger wrote:

> sub OpenMySQL {
>   use DBI;
>   $dbh =
> DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:tna-zhlc_tna:","tna-zhlc_test","te
> st");
>   return; }

Try adding the RaiseError flag, as in

                  {RaiseError => 1});

That should make sure that you are seeing an error message.

> When I run the scripts I receive no errors but no information is returned to
> me. It should print this information to my screen. When I run it it just
> sits for awhile like it is accessing the database, but shows nothing. I put
> the :2082 behind my ip address because when I access the database at tna,
> through my database management control panel, it shows this in the url. My
> site administrator tells me that:
> It does not matter where you are to access your web site (and database) as
> long as you are connected to the internet.

This is not entirely true, depending on your network. For example, if you 
are sitting behind some kind of personal firewall or router, then the 
situation may be more complex.


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Re: Msql QuestionJochen Wiedmann23 Sep