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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:August 22 1999 12:21pm
Subject:Re: DBD::mysql quote() memory leak
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> We've located and fixed a memory leak associated with $dbh->quote().
> In dbd/, within the quote() function, we changed this line:
>   SV* quoted = dbd_db_quote(dbh, str, type);
> to:
>   SV* quoted = sv_2mortal(dbd_db_quote(dbh, str, type));
> When I was uploading about 62MB of data, my perl process peaked at about
> 500MB in size.  Now with this fix, it's sticking to about 4MB.

Thanks, Arun, this is updated in Msql-Mysql-modules 1.2203, which I am
uploading to CPAN right now.

Anyone using DBD::mysql or DBD::mSQL in a daemon (for example mod_perl)
is strongly suggested to upgrade.



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