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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:March 28 2003 9:49am
Subject:Re: Problems using DBI with mySQL
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Zitiere Ralf Heydenreich <rheydenr@stripped>:

> I've just upgradet my DBD::mysql. After launching a CGI script which
> uses this module I found that the german umlauts aren't displayed
> properly. Each of them is displayed as a question mark ("?"). The
> former version has it displayed correctly. Have I to set some
> environment variables or so?

I would assume that you did not only upgrade DBD::mysql, but
another component as well, be it MySQL or Perl. In that case
I would look for the reason in the other components: The driver
does not do any encoding related things.

If you still think you have reason to believe that the driver
does something wrong, please post a small example script, that
creates a table, inserts data and fetches the same data to show
that somethings wrong.

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