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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:August 16 1999 12:45pm
Subject:Re: Pre-loading modules into Apache registry...
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"Richard K. Moore" wrote:

>     use DBI;

Change this to

	use Apache::DBI;

> This does make a difference.  <ps aux> shows a larger parent process...

The process size is increased, for obvious reasons: The modules are
loaded before spawning the child processes. However, according to
Vivek Khera's page on mod_perl tuning, that doesn't matter: The
processes share a common memory segment, thanks to Copy-On-Write.

	perldoc mod_perl_tuning.pod

in the top level directory of the mod_perl sources.


Jochen Wiedmann

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Pre-loading modules into Apache registry...Richard K. Moore16 Aug
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