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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:August 14 1999 3:29pm
Subject:Re: Performance questions
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"James W. Blackwell" wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been serving some fairly heavy perl CGI/MySQL stuff lately and
> am looking for a way to speed things up a bit.
> The interaction is between 2 Linux boxes connected via a 100Mb
> switch.  I've got Debian on the box running the perl CGI stuff under
> apache (not mod_perl) and Red Hat on the MySQL box.
> My question is if I could upgrade only one of these boxes, which
> would give more bang for the buck?  Do you reach a point of
> saturation where if you have a box that is pretty hot you wouldn't
> see much improvement by upgrading a bit?

First thing you should do is upgrading your software. Mod_perl is
*much* more performant than CGI is. Thanks to Apache::Registry 
there's even a good chance you need not modify your sources or at
least not too much. Note in particular that mod_perl allows you to
make use of persistent connections by means of

	PerlModule Apache::DBI

in your httpd.conf.

However, if you are still lacking performance, it cannot be said
what the bottleneck is: It depends too much on the application.
As for the database machine: The machine's load should be a clear
indicator whether you need to upgrade or not. Giving a similar
indicator for the webserver machine is hard, but if the load exceeds
2 or 3 permanently, you should still be winning a lot. (The load
is not the only indicator. For example disk I/O doesn't hit the
load that much in some configurations.)



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