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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:August 11 1999 7:57am
Subject:Re: not found
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Akshay Srinivasan wrote:
> Looking in CPAN I do not know what to install from the DynaLoader directory
> in order to make some of the MySql commands and the test suite work.
> I installed DBI-1.11, Data-Dumper-2.09,Data-ShowTable-3.3 fine.
> Failed Msql-modules test as it could not find
> If you know which files to install from CPAN and any dependencies
> please reply.
> Extra info Mysqld runs fine and passed tests and is in use.  Just some
> of the nice utilities depending on perl do not work.

The problem almost definitely is not with DynaLoader, but with
some of the problems specified in the README. Please read that
and if you have no further ideas, show the *complete* error



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