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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:September 24 2002 1:17pm
Subject:Re: Msql-Mysql-module Istallation Problem
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I think the error message is quite helpful:

Zitiere Yuriy Taranovych <yuriy.taranovych@stripped>:

> /usr/i386-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lz
> An error occurred while linking the DBD::mysql driver. The error
> message seems to indicate that you don't have a libz.a, libgz.a,
> or This is typically resolved by:
> 1.) You may try to remove the -lz or -lgz flag from the libs list
>     by using the --libs switch for "perl Makefile.PL".
> 2.) On Red Hat Linux install libz-devel
> 3.) On other systems, please contact the mailing list
>      Msql-Mysql-modules@stripped

I have no idea what the equivalent of "libz-devel" on OpenLinux
is, but I would assume there is one.

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