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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:December 5 2001 5:57pm
Subject:Re: $dbh->{'mysql_insertid'} returning 0
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Zitiere "Vaughan, Penny " <Penny.Vaughan@stripped>:

> I was using $dbh->{'mysql_insertid'} to return the auto_increment number
> with no problem until a recent server upgrade.  We moved everything to a
> new box, but had to re-install the mysql perl modules.  We're running
> mysql 3.22.25.  Now, I'm just getting 0 whether I use the database
> handle or the statement handle in my cgi.  No error messages are showing
> up so it thinks it's working.

This used to be a bug in previous versions of the module.
Are you using a current version?

If so, please send a simple test script that creates a
table, inserts some records and demonstrates the problem.
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