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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:November 11 2001 4:34pm
Subject:Re: Upgrade of mysql-3.23.40 to mysql-max-3.23.44
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Zitiere SrinivasanBala@stripped:

> will the upgrade work if I do like this?
> 1. move my current mysql directory as a backup 
> 2.untar the binary and follow instructions on INSTALL-BINARY file
> (creating groups/usersare alreayd donw during last version setup)and
> move back the database files back to new version's data directory.

You are not specifying which parts *should* work?

- The database server itself and/or the C client
  library: You'd better ask the MySQL list then.
- The Perl libraries? In that case I'd suggest to
  upgrade to a late version of DBD::mysql in order
  to get support for DBI's commit/rollback methods
  and the AutoCommit flag.
Upgrade of mysql-3.23.40 to mysql-max-3.23.44SrinivasanBala10 Nov
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