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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:June 26 1999 4:38pm
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"Stephen E. Hargrove" wrote:
> This may not be the proper forum for this question, but it is
> Perl-related.

This forum is perfectly well for problems concerning the Mysql
module. (Though it may turn out that your problem is more
related to Perl in general. ;-)

> So, the installation went smoothly.  However, when I attempt to use
> Mysql, I get the following error message:

Due to your mail it looks like you did install perl, CPAN and DBI,
but not Mysql. You should reinstall the Msql-Mysql-modules when
reinstalling DBI. (This is not always required, but recommended.)
Please do that and if anything fails, let us see the *complete*
output of

	perl Makefile.PL --config
	make test



P.S: Sure you want to use the obsolete "Mysql" module and not the
     highly recommended DBD::mysql DBI driver?

Jochen Wiedmann						joe@stripped
Life has brown and green eyes. :-)		+49 7123 14887

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