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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:May 6 2001 9:59pm
Subject:Announce: DBD::mysql 2.09
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I'd like to announce the release of DBD::mysql 2. This software
is considered experimental and should not be used in production
environments. The target is to collect feedback.

DBD::mysql is a successor of the former Msql-Mysql-modules.
About 4 years ago I have merged DBD::mSQL and DBD::mysql into
a single distribution. At that time the main target was following
the changes in DBI. However, in the last years the development
speed of

  - MySQL was quite high
  - DBI was comparatively slow
  - mSQL was very slow

In other words, the nowadays the target is to incorporate the
changes of MySQL and the merge becomes a drawback. Thus I will
abandon support for the Msql-Mysql-modules (in particular
support for DBD::mSQL). In the future work will flow into

The current release concentrates on a new installation scheme.
Less auto configuration is done, but more hints are given to
the user on possible problems. In particular the problems on
a default Red Hat Linux system should now be handled properly.

In the future I plan to incorporate support for multiple
character sets. The driver shall be able to convert automatically
between the databases character set and the character set
used by the application. For example, if the database uses
UTF-8 and the application uses ISO-8859-1, then the module
Unicode::String shall be used by the driver to convert
between these character sets.

I'll be glad about any response concerning the installation
of DBD::mysql on systems different from Windows and Red Hat
Linux. In particular I'd like to have information about

  SuSE Linux
  Debian/GNU Linux
  Sun Solaris

The information I'd like to have is

  - Are there any precompiled binaries of MySQL, DBI and
    DBD::mysql that come with the operating system and/or
  - If so, what are the RPM/package names?
  - Did you succeed in compiling with these default archives?
  - Did you succeed in compiling with the MySQL distribution

Thanks in advance,

Announce: DBD::mysql 2.09Jochen Wiedmann7 May