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From:Jochen Wiedmann Date:February 21 2001 9:03am
Subject:Re: connection error (111)
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Burghelea Vasile wrote:

>   - the file (socket) exists, it is owned by the mysql user and has full acces mask
> (777)

that doesn't necessarily mean that

- it is indeed this file which is used by the MySQL daemon and
- the same file is used by the MySQL client

Both have their own compiled values for this location. In other
words, if your client library and and your server are from
different sources, or if you have some different setting in
my.cnf, then it may well happen, that the client is using the
wrong socket file.

From DBD::mysql's point of view the location of the file
is configurable via some DSN option. The same applies to the
server, but I do not remember exactly how. Besides, you can
always try to connect via IP, by specifying as


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