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Threads for Jan 2003

[packagers] in RPMmessagesUnknown Sender, Christian Hammers, Dmitry V. Levin, Dmitry V. Levin, Lenz Grimmer28 Jan
Bugs in 3.23.55 Makefile logicmessageChristian Hammers28 Jan
Re: compille MysqlmessageMichael Shigorin27 Jan
[packagers] MySQL 3.23.55 is releasedmessagesChristian Hammers, Christian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer, Michael Shigorin25 Jan
MySQL 3.23.55 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer24 Jan
Updating libtool for mips/mipsel architecturemessagesChristian Hammers, Christian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer22 Jan
[packagers] mysql.server chkconfig init linemessageLenz Grimmer20 Jan
Blocked Delivery of email from iia@vmei.acad.bgmessagepostmaster15 Jan
MySQL 4.0.9 is releasedmessageJani Tolonen13 Jan
Rotating the error log and fprintf(stderr,...) in sql/messagesChristian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer9 Jan
MySQL 4.0.8 is releasedmessageMichael Widenius8 Jan