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Threads for Dec 2002

Make money from your PC at home !!!message4t4y5u671833v4528 Dec
MySQL 4.0.7 is releasedmessagesHsiao Ketung Contr 61 CS/SCBN, Warly27 Dec
MySQL 4.0.7 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer27 Dec
Lenz on vacation...messageLenz Grimmer27 Dec
MySQL 4.0.6 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer22 Dec
MySQL 4.0.6 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer20 Dec
Autoconf 2.53 breakes some rulesmessagesEgor Egorov, Lenz Grimmer19 Dec
[packagers] Merging Debian specific patches into upstream?messagesChristian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer18 Dec
[packagers] /var/lib/mysql permission in recent mysql rpmsmessagesChristian Hammers, David Garamond, Dmitry V. Levin, Lenz Grimmer16 Dec
[packagers] Addendum to the MySQL 3.23.54 releasemessagesChristian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer16 Dec
Addendum to the MySQL 3.23.54 releasemessageLenz Grimmer13 Dec
MySQL 3.23.54 safe_mysqld fixmessageLenz Grimmer13 Dec
[packagers] Debian Packages (was: Re: Invitation to join...)messagesChristian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer, Michael Shigorin12 Dec
[packagers] MySQL 3.23.54 is releasedmessagesChristian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer, Wichert Akkerman12 Dec
MySQL 3.23.54 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer12 Dec
Invitation to join the MySQL "packagers" mailing listmessageChristian Hammers11 Dec