Threads for Dec 2002

Make money from your PC at home !!!message4t4y5u671833v4528 Dec
MySQL 4.0.7 is releasedmessagesHsiao Ketung Contr 61 CS/SCBN, Warly27 Dec
MySQL 4.0.7 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer27 Dec
Lenz on vacation...messageLenz Grimmer27 Dec
MySQL 4.0.6 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer22 Dec
MySQL 4.0.6 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer20 Dec
[packagers] Merging Debian specific patches into upstream?messagesLenz Grimmer, Christian Hammers19 Dec
Autoconf 2.53 breakes some rulesmessagesEgor Egorov, Lenz Grimmer19 Dec
[packagers] syslog (was: /var/lib/mysql permission in recentmysql rpms)messagesLenz Grimmer, Christian Hammers, Dmitry V. Levin, David Garamond16 Dec
[packagers] Addendum to the MySQL 3.23.54 releasemessagesLenz Grimmer, Christian Hammers16 Dec
Addendum to the MySQL 3.23.54 releasemessageLenz Grimmer13 Dec
MySQL 3.23.54 safe_mysqld fixmessageLenz Grimmer13 Dec
[packagers] Debian Packages (was: Re: Invitation to join...)messagesLenz Grimmer, Michael Shigorin, Christian Hammers12 Dec
[packagers] MySQL 3.23.54 is releasedmessagesChristian Hammers, Lenz Grimmer, Wichert Akkerman12 Dec
MySQL 3.23.54 is releasedmessageLenz Grimmer12 Dec
Invitation to join the MySQL "packagers" mailing listmessageChristian Hammers11 Dec