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From:Christian Hammers Date:December 12 2002 3:30pm
Subject:Re: [packagers] Debian Packages (was: Re: Invitation to join...)
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On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 03:59:34PM +0100, Lenz Grimmer wrote:
> Therefore the question is, how we could cooperate on that in the future.
> We would be happy to offer MySQL DEBs for download from our web site, but
> I'd hate to simply put this burden on your shoulder alone. Do you have an
> idea, how we could coordinate this effort? It would be great if we could
> declare your DEBs as "official MySQL" packages, but we need to make sure
> that they meet our requirements, so we can support them properly.

Well, I think I have to build the "Debian" version of MySQL anyway, as
we have (as the other distros probably, too) our own policy
requirements as well as build and runtime dependencies which have to be
adjusted when necessary. Also our packages have to be signed by a
developers GnuPG key and are, except for i386, build on other hosts.

You can, of course, simply link to our web pages. As Users, wo demand a
.deb will most probably also use a Debian system (only few other distros
use .deb), will be sufficient.
There you always find the latest packages for stable, testing and
unstable. Unstable is normally up to date with the lates MySQL version.

If you want to offer binaries of the latest MySQL upstream version for
"older" i.e. the "stable" Debian release, then this is something that
wont be done by Debian (don't touch released things except for
security). But then you could take my unstable packages and compile them
on a Debian stable machine and maybe relax the dependencies. Works in
95% of the time with a simple recompile. This would be a way we could
share the work and you would only have to have one Debian machine.

For the now outdated version "potato" I made a
/debian/README.compile_on_potato in the source package with a 10step



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