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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:December 12 2002 2:59pm
Subject:Re: [packagers] Debian Packages (was: Re: Invitation to join...)
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(I am resending this message since the initial message did not make it
to the list due to mail server trouble on our end)

Hi Christian,

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Christian Hammers wrote:

> I'm the Debian guy for MySQL since about 3.21.23.
> My first 4.0 tries can be found on the /debian/project/experimental/
> directory on the servers. Some users are already trying
> it (i.e. bugged me to do the packaging as I planned not to start with
> 4.0 until it's stable...)

Welcome aboard! Thanks for joining. I've been meaning to contact the
Debian team a while ago, since we do get quite a lot of requests for
Debian packages but I was not sure how to tackle this problem properly.

I was first thinking about simply building DEBs by myself that we could
then offer for download. But on the other hand it does not really make
sense to duplicate your work and I honestly have not much experience in
building DEBs (I'm an RPM guy).

Therefore the question is, how we could cooperate on that in the future.
We would be happy to offer MySQL DEBs for download from our web site, but
I'd hate to simply put this burden on your shoulder alone. Do you have an
idea, how we could coordinate this effort? It would be great if we could
declare your DEBs as "official MySQL" packages, but we need to make sure
that they meet our requirements, so we can support them properly.

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